AblePursuit selected as 1Million Startups Global Member

AblePursuit is among the 100 startups from Kenya, and the total one million around the world, to be recognized during the Global Entrepreneurship Declaration in Vienna-Austria, as member of the 1Million Startups. AblePursuit got selected as one of the businesses around the world that focus on promoting sustainable development, by addressing the global goals.



1Million Startups, under the banner #togetherwe, is a community of one million startups, creating one million solutions. It is primarily dedicated to innovators and early stage founders; also connecting experienced entrepreneurs, investors and business angels, providing an opportunity for startups to get the attention they deserve. The main objective of 1Million Startups is to inspire and encourage individuals across the world to dare-to-do. The mission is to empower the entrepreneurs, help them to thrive and create solutions for a better tomorrow.

In over 25 years of experience & research, 1Million Startups identified the three most crucial issues for entrepreneurs to develop successfully: access to role-models; access to know-how; access to capital. 1Miilion Startups strongly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was selected and presented at the UN Communication Group Meeting in Vienna as best practice example how business can contribute to innovation and achieving the global goals. 1million startups will invest €100 million in the members, by 2025.

The Founder, Selma Prodanovic, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has rocked the stage over 1000 times and supported over 400 startups, CEOs, and investors. She loves to share this experience with audiences around the world. She has been named Startup-Grande-Dame by the media, who has made it her mission to make it easier for others to create world class businesses.

AblePursuit aims to be a global voice for sustainable development. We use Custolive, social media, blogs and events to share stories about how MSMEs in Africa strive to achieve sustainability through their products. AblePursuit has started listing MSMEs in Kenya, looking to grow in the rest of Africa.

“We can achieve this by nurturing talents of entrepreneurs behind the MSMEs, and creating ‘business to customer’ experiences for them through the use of communities, stories & data enrichment.” Grace Jayo.

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