The ABC of Storytelling in Social Media

The ABC of Storytelling in Social Media

Everyone needs personal motivation so as to understand their capacities, to become and to express themselves in the right way. That’s the first rule of engagement. With this in mind, then you will be keen enough to separate the wheat from chaff in easily available social media apps. Chaff is quite useful once in a while, because it can be recycled. Most of the time though, it’s thrown away. While the wheat is consumed in a manner that creates value to the person. Picture the same with the kind of info we come across every day on the apps.
Did you know that the bulk of social media happening gobbles up time & conscious energy, as much as, the apps bring friends & family close? Of course we have mostly admitted to this.
You may have heard & seen the meme… “How to make money on social media, log out and go to work”.
We have changed the narrative at AblePursuit. Now you can make money on social media by using it as a tool, not a toy. A toy is something that excites, mostly in the short-term, while a tool builds something valuable. The main question is… how?



Ask & Attain the right people.
You’ve done well taking time to read this. It doesn’t & shouldn’t end here. Keep researching here & elsewhere ways to improve your social media presence. There’s nothing as diverse as its use. Every app has its own unique features while some are quite similar. This explains why some people use them all, while others use one or two.
Making money on social media requires levels of professionalism. This means that you will need to engage a creative team to write articles, make quality photos & videos, and involve a target audience through which value is created. This is what encompasses a story. The best way to ensure long-term engagement is to involve different people in your initiatives. Do not be a soloist. Going solo means monopoly, & monopoly steers boredom. Create conversations with new people every day. In fact, let others steer those conversations on your behalf. Here’s the truth >> People trust people, more than a business name.



Be yourself. Be authentic.
Recapping the golden statement… everyone needs personal motivation so as to understand their capacities, to become and to express themselves in the right way. Therefore, natural talent is key. The combination of your skills, knowledge, behavior, & interests is enough resource to get you started. That is what makes up talent. Here’s a solution >> Everizone presents a powerful tool for personal talent assessment, right from the age of 8 (eight).
Do not be lied to that talent only involves Arts & Sports. It cuts across Sciences, Humanities & Management fields. Whichever field your interest lies; there are hidden traits in you that ought to be brought out, to enable you to become the best of your true nature.



Create communities. Create real engagement.
You may be wondering what I mean here because you already have following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Vimeo, You Tube and so on. Nevertheless, if your main following includes schoolmates, friends & family, then posting personal photos & videos correspond. Here’s a highlight >> Comfort is gonna… steal dreams away from you!
Do you want to convince support from the very people who only know the one side of you? Switch it up, mix and match your profile to bring out a thrill that will create long-term relationships in both your personal & work initiatives. Let people appreciate the both sides of you. Make life enjoyable.



The next article explains 3 Steps to Finding a Customer for your Business

Talk to us. We will help you add an extra touch to your social media presence. We tell the stories from a personal level.


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Read her story here… 7 lessons achieved as a broke entrepreneur in 2017


Grace is a daughter, friend, kipenzi & Princess of Africa.
An Entrepreneur & Youth Advocate for Sustainable Development.
Founder, AblePursuit
Mantra: Live. Love. Learn. Timeless being. Trust in God.

7 lessons achieved as a broke entrepreneur in 2017

7 lessons achieved as a broke entrepreneur in 2017

Our journeys will always be hard/different, but they lead to one destination – success & impact. If I had the option, I would choose to become a hopeless youth in this highly political country. But… alas! I decided to face the fears, without a salary, as a volunteer, in my own company! God used people, sent voices & created ways that forced me to loosen the comfort. Feeling muziki 🎶 Haha 💃

I enjoy every moment 😄 This series is about what I purposed to learn & do…

Genuine Focus… no retreat, no surrender
After six straight months of reasoning, researching, & calculating in my first job, I decided. I went to the company MD and broke the news, even before writing a resignation letter. “You are very ambitious,” he advised, “Grace, I noticed this from the beginning at the interview, but you have to be willing to focus on your biggest strengths.” I smiled. I was grateful. Then I wrote the letter and spared one month to effectively hand-over. I moved on. To what had been my vision from the very beginning. It was a hard start, without a clear plan, without money, just enough to set up a website and emails. I had to move out. I lived with my aunts because I could neither afford rent, nor pay a single insurance… hata NHIF 😀

100% positive att (attention) on AblePursuit
I finally accepted that it is a calling. It’s not just about being an entrepreneur, but an inspiration. That’s why it takes time for many people to understand that AblePursuit is not just a company. The name itself would convince you that we are an NGO, but we’re an enterprise set up for society, not just individuals. I wrote the concept back in campo; at the final year, as an assignment in one of my favorite courses on Communication & Edutainment. Moving on 2017, 2018… we are grinding. We spent the year developing & testing this media App 👉 Custolive, as well as, collaborating with Everizone to design an online talent assessment called PEM 7 to match the industry needs based on the new curriculum by the Kenya -Ministry of Education. Our products are ready for the world!

Join those in the Game
When our late mum finally agreed that I am a very social person, she blessed me 😇 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, says an African proverb, on the value of team work. This adage teaches me that creating shared value is based on our different talents and how we ought to use them, to create impact. In 2017, I joined more organizations… Everizone, TheirWorld, Street Love Family, Youth in Business, SDSN Youth, 1Million Startups, BizHub Community. All of which share the same goal of creating social sustainable impact. AIESEC & the iHub have initially been one of the greatest opportunities in life too. Through them, I learnt the value of working together; despite the religious, political, regional, racial, tribal, and gender differences. I have even made friends out of these communities ☺ The keyword here is ‘togetherness’.

Conceptualize & Give it to them
As one of the avenues to create awareness about your work, events come in handy. Kenyans like to meet up, hangout and party once in a while. At AblePursuit, it has become a priority to work with event organizers, to develop concepts that matter to the Kenya mwananchi. Even so, to the African people. We teamed up with Youth in Business, and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to host the Tax 101 training. It was an accomplishment. We also teamed up with Boyani Fashion, Velour Models, Lintons Beauty, Lens Afrik, Tribeless Youth, Hyve Media, Zene Naturals, Abaki Simba Band, to host #PaintPeaceKE that witnessed an array of Kenyan designers, musicians, poets, photographers, and the launch of Boyani Fashion. We are now bringing #PeertoPeer to the 47+1 counties in partnership with Everizone + an amazing team of creatives & event organizers.

Establish Partnerships
AblePursuit is a startup. Like a person, the company needs the right associates to achieve the goal of being a global voice for sustainable development. The main objective is to upgrade MSMEs, by nurturing young talents, creating stories & providing effective communication avenues for them. While discussing the progress in plans to establish Everizone in East & West Africa, the Founder (Anthonie Torré) offered… “Why not have a partnership between Everizone and AblePursuit?” It was one of the lightest moments 🙌 We are aiming to nurture AblePursuit, together with Everizone and 1Million Startups. There are also young entrepreneurs from other African countries that we’re looking to engage in 2018. Time to make vision a reality in Africa 👌

Be Socially Responsible
We’re a young company. In fact, we’re not yet generating much revenue. Nevertheless, we have committed 2% of net profit earned every month towards social impact initiatives on: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, Inclusivity & Equality, and Climate Action. The main objective is to help reduce the barriers for personal growth and business growth. No business can excel without the well-being of the people. Some of the initiatives we have joined are by the Street Love Family for less privileged children/youth, #KirinyagaCarbons for small-scale farmers, and Dbegotin Educational Foundation for learners & drop outs.

Be Resilient & Take Encouragement from People
The lightest moments have been the encouragement from my aunties, uncles and shosho (grandma) not to give up. They have supported me and trusted my capability. Even so, I am grateful to those friends, family & mentors who cheer me on! Cheers to friends, family & mentors who have positively criticized my mistakes, just to make me a better person. Cheers to those who have been an inspiration to me, my role models ☺ There are friends & acquaintances whom I’ve seen grow, as entrepreneurs or as employees. They are never afraid to share their stories on social media. I have seen some win awards & recognitions. You know yourselves 😉 This has been enough evidence that… with God, everything is possible! Indeed, God speaks to us through other people. Cheers mi genté 🙌


Majaliwa, let’s make 2018 greater!



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(Cosy) Grace Jayo is a daughter, friend, kipenzi & Princess of Africa.
An Entrepreneur & Youth Advocate for Sustainable Development.
Founder, AblePursuit
Mantra: Live. Love. Learn. Timeless being. Trust in God.

AblePursuit selected as 1Million Startups Global Member

AblePursuit selected as 1Million Startups Global Member

AblePursuit is among the 100 startups from Kenya, and the total one million around the world, to be recognized during the Global Entrepreneurship Declaration in Vienna-Austria, as member of the 1Million Startups. AblePursuit got selected as one of the businesses around the world that focus on promoting sustainable development, by addressing the global goals.



1Million Startups, under the banner #togetherwe, is a community of one million startups, creating one million solutions. It is primarily dedicated to innovators and early stage founders; also connecting experienced entrepreneurs, investors and business angels, providing an opportunity for startups to get the attention they deserve. The main objective of 1Million Startups is to inspire and encourage individuals across the world to dare-to-do. The mission is to empower the entrepreneurs, help them to thrive and create solutions for a better tomorrow.

In over 25 years of experience & research, 1Million Startups identified the three most crucial issues for entrepreneurs to develop successfully: access to role-models; access to know-how; access to capital. 1Miilion Startups strongly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was selected and presented at the UN Communication Group Meeting in Vienna as best practice example how business can contribute to innovation and achieving the global goals. 1million startups will invest €100 million in the members, by 2025.

The Founder, Selma Prodanovic, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has rocked the stage over 1000 times and supported over 400 startups, CEOs, and investors. She loves to share this experience with audiences around the world. She has been named Startup-Grande-Dame by the media, who has made it her mission to make it easier for others to create world class businesses.

AblePursuit aims to be a global voice for sustainable development. We use Custolive, social media, blogs and events to share stories about how MSMEs in Africa strive to achieve sustainability through their products. AblePursuit has started listing MSMEs in Kenya, looking to grow in the rest of Africa.

“We can achieve this by nurturing talents of entrepreneurs behind the MSMEs, and creating ‘business to customer’ experiences for them through the use of communities, stories & data enrichment.” Grace Jayo.

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Future of Talent and Industry

Future of Talent and Industry

First let me admit that it has taken us months to bring together a solution that enables personal talents to transform the industry. The best things in life are free. Natural talent is one of the best things we get from God. Talent is a combination of skills, knowledge, behavior, & interest. Empowering personal talent will transform social, economic and political ecosystems; by enabling smart societies and industry. We can only nurture talent by identifying what we are good at/passionate of doing in life, and reducing barriers to the well-being & quality of life.


The present & future of industry relies on talent. While technology is a tool for effective production & ‘business to customer’ experiences.

Personal Employability Mapping
PEM (Personal Employability Mapping) is an online platform that enables a person to identify his/her talents, nurture them, and empower him/her to match with the industry needs. PEM identifies with the personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life; allowing for mentorship, peer-to-peer interaction and growth of the individual. The uniqueness of PEM is that it resonates with the Competency Based Curriculum, for example currently under pilot by the Ministry of Education in Kenya.

Factors that contribute to personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life are:
1. Inclusivity – economy, food, health, education, & decent work
2. Environment – water, good climate and natural resources
3. Human talent – skills, knowledge, behavior & interests

In this case, government policies that promote personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life will:
> Enable people to be their best & contribute to build strong institutions and the economy.
> Allow seamless experiences from ‘business to customer’ and from ‘government to citizen’.
> Facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship, responsible production & responsible consumption.
> Enhance the use of technology & education to match talents with the right jobs in the industry.

Setting the Trend in Africa, starting Kenya
AblePursuit, Everizone and TMA Method are collaborating with organizations, learning centres & government in Africa, starting Kenya, to set the trend for transformation; by nurturing personal talent to meet the industry needs for growth. There are two remarkable aspects in the 21st Century; a diversified generation and the need for sustainable development. This creates a need to assess personal talents and fill gaps in the industry, every day. There is need to match industry with the right employee and the right buyer, every day. This connects the dots of living, learning, and working. Both Everizone & AblePursuit create value for people to empower themselves and use technology (data enrichment & adaptive intelligence), to effectively contribute to the industry.

Smart Society Benchmarks
As a bonus in this article, I present the image below of an outcome for a case study on digitally smart countries (D5) about how they rank against the globally set ‘Smart Society Benchmarks’. The case study was conducted by The Fletcher School at Tufts University. The benchmarks show how the economy and institutions relate with people’s well-being.

Future of Talent & Industry


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Why Custolive?

Why Custolive?

Ever heard about business intelligence? Do you know how business intelligence can be applied to improve customer experience with your products? Have your marketing efforts on social media been satisfying? Do you feel you need a deeper relationship with the customer?



Custolive is medium for ‘business to customer’ relations. This platform features businesses & creates conversations about their products, on social media, blogs and events. Custolive offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to improve how they relate to their customers in three ways.

Product Feature
Every user searches a particular product, simply by entering the word (for example: agriculture, seeds, fashion, clothing, tourism). The search result provides a list of featured businesses with the product. Each featured business has a profile and category it belongs to in the industry. Custolive further creates tailored conversations on social media, blogs and events about how these businesses are responsible, as they promote sustainable development. This features & conversations make the business authentic, hence building a meaningful relationship with the customer.

Data Visualization
Marketing is changing with the advent of technology. At the same time, customers are becoming more sophisticated by day. We cannot blame either. But we can keep up with the trends by being ahead of the game. The core factor that enables changes in marketing to meet the need of a sophisticated customer is data. Custolive is designed for businesses to utilize open data that reveal predictive patterns of a customer… how they buy products & react to product promotions. Businesses that are featured on Custolive also get to utilize personal data made available through our Assessment Center. Personal data is crucial for a business to understand the interests, behavior, skills and knowledge of a potential/current customer.

Customer Experience
Custolive combines adaptive intelligence and deep learning, for seamless ‘business to customer’ experience. The platform brings order out of chaos, for any business that seeks to improve its marketing efforts, more effectively. Businesses benefit from feature classification based on industry segmentation. Custolive recommends user preferences, based on searches made.
Custolive analyzes unstructured data from social media conversations.
Custolive creates content for businesses looking to promote a product.
Custolive also engages customers on social media, blogs and events.


Business to Customer Experience


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