Future of Talent and Industry

First let me admit that it has taken us months to bring together a solution that enables personal talents to transform the industry. The best things in life are free. Natural talent is one of the best things we get from God. Talent is a combination of skills, knowledge, behavior, & interest. Empowering personal talent will transform social, economic and political ecosystems; by enabling smart societies and industry. We can only nurture talent by identifying what we are good at/passionate of doing in life, and reducing barriers to the well-being & quality of life.


The present & future of industry relies on talent. While technology is a tool for effective production & ‘business to customer’ experiences.

Personal Employability Mapping
PEM (Personal Employability Mapping) is an online platform that enables a person to identify his/her talents, nurture them, and empower him/her to match with the industry needs. PEM identifies with the personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life; allowing for mentorship, peer-to-peer interaction and growth of the individual. The uniqueness of PEM is that it resonates with the Competency Based Curriculum, for example currently under pilot by the Ministry of Education in Kenya.

Factors that contribute to personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life are:
1. Inclusivity – economy, food, health, education, & decent work
2. Environment – water, good climate and natural resources
3. Human talent – skills, knowledge, behavior & interests

In this case, government policies that promote personal well-being, self-awareness & quality of life will:
> Enable people to be their best & contribute to build strong institutions and the economy.
> Allow seamless experiences from ‘business to customer’ and from ‘government to citizen’.
> Facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship, responsible production & responsible consumption.
> Enhance the use of technology & education to match talents with the right jobs in the industry.

Setting the Trend in Africa, starting Kenya
AblePursuit, Everizone and TMA Method are collaborating with organizations, learning centres & government in Africa, starting Kenya, to set the trend for transformation; by nurturing personal talent to meet the industry needs for growth. There are two remarkable aspects in the 21st Century; a diversified generation and the need for sustainable development. This creates a need to assess personal talents and fill gaps in the industry, every day. There is need to match industry with the right employee and the right buyer, every day. This connects the dots of living, learning, and working. Both Everizone & AblePursuit create value for people to empower themselves and use technology (data enrichment & adaptive intelligence), to effectively contribute to the industry.

Smart Society Benchmarks
As a bonus in this article, I present the image below of an outcome for a case study on digitally smart countries (D5) about how they rank against the globally set ‘Smart Society Benchmarks’. The case study was conducted by The Fletcher School at Tufts University. The benchmarks show how the economy and institutions relate with people’s well-being.

Future of Talent & Industry


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