The ABC of Storytelling in Social Media

Everyone needs personal motivation so as to understand their capacities, to become and to express themselves in the right way. That’s the first rule of engagement. With this in mind, then you will be keen enough to separate the wheat from chaff in easily available social media apps. Chaff is quite useful once in a while, because it can be recycled. Most of the time though, it’s thrown away. While the wheat is consumed in a manner that creates value to the person. Picture the same with the kind of info we come across every day on the apps.
Did you know that the bulk of social media happening gobbles up time & conscious energy, as much as, the apps bring friends & family close? Of course we have mostly admitted to this.
You may have heard & seen the meme… “How to make money on social media, log out and go to work”.
We have changed the narrative at AblePursuit. Now you can make money on social media by using it as a tool, not a toy. A toy is something that excites, mostly in the short-term, while a tool builds something valuable. The main question is… how?



Ask & Attain the right people.
You’ve done well taking time to read this. It doesn’t & shouldn’t end here. Keep researching here & elsewhere ways to improve your social media presence. There’s nothing as diverse as its use. Every app has its own unique features while some are quite similar. This explains why some people use them all, while others use one or two.
Making money on social media requires levels of professionalism. This means that you will need to engage a creative team to write articles, make quality photos & videos, and involve a target audience through which value is created. This is what encompasses a story. The best way to ensure long-term engagement is to involve different people in your initiatives. Do not be a soloist. Going solo means monopoly, & monopoly steers boredom. Create conversations with new people every day. In fact, let others steer those conversations on your behalf. Here’s the truth >> People trust people, more than a business name.



Be yourself. Be authentic.
Recapping the golden statement… everyone needs personal motivation so as to understand their capacities, to become and to express themselves in the right way. Therefore, natural talent is key. The combination of your skills, knowledge, behavior, & interests is enough resource to get you started. That is what makes up talent. Here’s a solution >> Everizone presents a powerful tool for personal talent assessment, right from the age of 8 (eight).
Do not be lied to that talent only involves Arts & Sports. It cuts across Sciences, Humanities & Management fields. Whichever field your interest lies; there are hidden traits in you that ought to be brought out, to enable you to become the best of your true nature.



Create communities. Create real engagement.
You may be wondering what I mean here because you already have following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Vimeo, You Tube and so on. Nevertheless, if your main following includes schoolmates, friends & family, then posting personal photos & videos correspond. Here’s a highlight >> Comfort is gonna… steal dreams away from you!
Do you want to convince support from the very people who only know the one side of you? Switch it up, mix and match your profile to bring out a thrill that will create long-term relationships in both your personal & work initiatives. Let people appreciate the both sides of you. Make life enjoyable.



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Talk to us. We will help you add an extra touch to your social media presence. We tell the stories from a personal level.


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