Why AblePursuit

AblePursuit nurtures personal talents & activates productive businesses in Africa through ‘business to customer’ experiences on web, social media, blogs & events.

The ultimate goal of AblePursuit is to be a voice for sustainable development.

The objectives of AblePursuit are to:-

  1. Nurture talents of young personalitie and guide them to contribute to development.
  2. Nurture businesses (MSMEs) to reach the right target markets at an affordable rate.

We assess talents of people on Everizone right from age 10 – to – 35 years. Empowering them to become responsible leaders, producers and consumers; buyers & employees. AblePursuit, Everizone & TMA methode have collaborated to transform industry in Africa by empowering people’s talents & competencies.

We feature products of MSMEs on Custolive; create conversations on social media, blogs & events; and share stories about how these micro, small, & medium/mid-size businesses strive to achieve sustainable development for positive social and economic impact.

  • Mantra: Together, we “define the purpose, make it happen, and grow.”
  • Core: Communication, Learning & Talent development
  • Industry: Media & Information Technology
  • Service: Digital Marketing & Talent development

How we make it happen…

  • Building Communities
  • Developing Content
  • Customer Engagement


  • Diversity & Sustainability
  • Communication & Learning
  • Data Enrichment
  • AI – Adaptive Intelligence
  • One million Jobs
  • Talent Development
  • Industry Development


Read blog articles about how we nurture talent & improve ‘business to customer’ relations.