Why Custolive?

Ever heard about business intelligence? Do you know how business intelligence can be applied to improve customer experience with your products? Have your marketing efforts on social media been satisfying? Do you feel you need a deeper relationship with the customer?



Custolive is medium for ‘business to customer’ relations. This platform features businesses & creates conversations about their products, on social media, blogs and events. Custolive offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to improve how they relate to their customers in three ways.

Product Feature
Every user searches a particular product, simply by entering the word (for example: agriculture, seeds, fashion, clothing, tourism). The search result provides a list of featured businesses with the product. Each featured business has a profile and category it belongs to in the industry. Custolive further creates tailored conversations on social media, blogs and events about how these businesses are responsible, as they promote sustainable development. This features & conversations make the business authentic, hence building a meaningful relationship with the customer.

Data Visualization
Marketing is changing with the advent of technology. At the same time, customers are becoming more sophisticated by day. We cannot blame either. But we can keep up with the trends by being ahead of the game. The core factor that enables changes in marketing to meet the need of a sophisticated customer is data. Custolive is designed for businesses to utilize open data that reveal predictive patterns of a customer… how they buy products & react to product promotions. Businesses that are featured on Custolive also get to utilize personal data made available through our Assessment Center. Personal data is crucial for a business to understand the interests, behavior, skills and knowledge of a potential/current customer.

Customer Experience
Custolive combines adaptive intelligence and deep learning, for seamless ‘business to customer’ experience. The platform brings order out of chaos, for any business that seeks to improve its marketing efforts, more effectively. Businesses benefit from feature classification based on industry segmentation. Custolive recommends user preferences, based on searches made.
Custolive analyzes unstructured data from social media conversations.
Custolive creates content for businesses looking to promote a product.
Custolive also engages customers on social media, blogs and events.


Business to Customer Experience


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