Business, Association, Organization

Business, Association, Organization


KSh200,000.00 KSh120,000.00

As a company, association or organization, you will learn how to improve the personal talents and soft skills of your employees, members and beneficiaries or customers. You will also get access to the complete Talent Management System which you can use for recruitment, upskilling, team selection, career advice and soft skills development.


  • Commercial License to become a reseller
  • Know your employees, contractors, customers & clients better
  • Improve your services and product delivery quality
  • ♥ Boost every one of your employee’s, contractor’s, client’s or customer’s morale ♥
  • ♦ Price per year (please call us for a customized quote)
  • ♦ Flexible payment plans per month or per quarter, through pay per use or % usage fee
  • ♦ Earn through retail sales & referral links. Join our Affiliate program.

The price in dollars is $1200

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To pay in Ksh. with MPESA or card, Click the (Add to Cart) button below to complete.

Add to Cart the number of Licenses you would like to request. For example: 1 means one License for one year, 4 means four Licenses for one year.

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ABle helps you to know, pursue and tell about your talents in every life situation; while building necessary skills & competencies for the future of work.

Assess & Match. Save time & money. Build everyone’s morale.


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