Individual, Family, Friends, Schools

Individual, Family, Friends, Schools


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Human resource, managers, coaches, mentors, psychologists recommend that you conduct a 360° personal evaluation as you find a job to do or start a business. People are most motivated when their life, learning and work lie close to their innate potential, values, drives & interests. This is a real-time evaluation, with real-time personalized outcome.

The outcome of this evaluation helps you to:
  • Know your talents, drives, values, and soft skills, ie. your innate potential
  • Know your ideal learning style, ie. how you quickly understand information
  • Know your communication style, ie. how you best relate with others
  • Know your ideal work environment, ie. how you best complete tasks
  • Develop competencies and know which ones match to different job areas
  • Get feedback from peers, parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, supervisors & help from us
  • Summarize your evaluation outcome & experience in a customized CV
(if you have completed our personal evaluation in the last 365 days, skip this step)

♥ Choose yourself + as many loved ones/students as you want to invite for feedback ♥

♦ Price is for one participant or student per year.

♦ Flexible payment plans per month or per quarter are for large orders of 50+ (please contact us for such a request).

♦ Earn through referral links. Join our Affiliate program.

The price in dollars is $5

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Add to Cart the number of people you would like to pay for. For example: 1 means one person, 50 means fifty people

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AblePursuit; we help you to know, pursue and tell about your talents; while being resilient and developing necessary skills & competencies for the world of work.

Make the right choices. Blend your life journey. Shape your personality. Be your Best Self!


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